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How Much Do Online Slots Make for Their Owners

Every passionate gambler reaches a point in which they wonder how much a particular online casino is earning because of their love of slots. They examine their deposits and wonder about the money the other players are pouring into the same site. In all honesty, it’s difficult to determine the actual sum because this varies from website to website. Some of them attract high rollers, others are more obscure and have only a handful of active players. Because of this, all we’re left to do is speculate and try to guess how much online slots make for their respective owners.

As you probably know, the online gambling industry has become quite lucrative in the past decade. This explains why some companies decide to join it and compete against others. They determine that it would be wise to cash in on someone’s love of different casino games — from online slots to video poker. And since technology is constantly advancing, people are more bent on playing from the comfort of their own homes. Even though they aren’t on the actual gaming floor, they demand to get the ultimate casino experience. Only if a site achieves this do some of them decide to register an account and play slots.

Let’s see how much online casinos profit from their decision.

The US Casino Revenue

The gambling industry in the United States is constantly developing and growing. It’s unlikely to stop now that players have been given another option — sports betting. But even without this at their disposal, online casinos were able to amass about $40 billion in the last year — a record-breaking amount in the USA. Of course, without looking at every casino’s profit, it’s difficult to determine the exact amount online slots brought in. However, we don’t need to speculate about one thing — these games are fan-favorites as evidenced by a wide range of different titles one can come across online. Some people would rather play them than, say, certain table games.

What’s more, as the revenue is $40 billion, we could guess that they earned around $3.3 billion each month. Admittedly, it could be that this amount was higher or lower during certain months. It all depends on how keen gamblers were to spend their money. Nevertheless, we’re sure that the industry didn’t go below a couple of billions in profit. This figure alone explains the rise in the number of online casinos throughout the USA. Bear in mind that together they earned this after they had paid off all the winners. Also, $40 billion doesn’t include all the costs that operating a casino brings about.

Point of fact, it’s not only the online industry that’s evolving — commercial land-based casinos were also a major hit. In fact, experts estimate that we had about 460 of them in 24 different states during 2017. All the information at our disposal seems not to include tribal casinos.

Profits on Online Slots

Profits on Online Slots

There’s an absolute agreement that online slots are the biggest moneymakers in this industry. According to one survey, around 68% of gamblers enjoy playing them online. With this in mind, some experts have taken a closer look at Pennsylvania’s revenue. They have determined that this state earns about $1.4 billion because of slots and table games.

Others have taken interest in New Jersey as its online gambling industry is expanding rapidly. One particular casino, Golden Nugget, was able to generate $14,227,820 from casino games in March of this year. Although some of this came from table games, it’s believed that the largest part of the figure came from online slots. Some even speculated that they earned about $8 million for this casino.

Admittedly, this sum pales in comparison to the one land-based slot machines generate. Namely, brick-and-mortar gambling venues made around $4 billion on them in a year. This means that, on average, one machine earned $80,000 per year, and about $300 each day. The majority of this was earned by penny slots ($3.2 billion). In contrast, dollar slots had a smaller revenue in 2017. They made $516 million that year.

However, as more people are turning their backs on land-based casinos, something tells us that online slots will have brought in considerable revenue both in the USA and worldwide by 2020. One of the reasons for this is that they provide a variety of themes that target different audiences. Apart from this, they offer bonuses and features that easily make them seem superior to their land-based counterparts.

New Jersey Online Gambling on the Rise

Aside from Las Vegas, Atlantic City seems to be generating a huge profit. In part, this is due to its Internet casinos that have been attracting a lot of players in the last couple of years. Specifically, these websites earned $29 million in December 2018 which was $2 million more than in November the same year. With this amount, New Jersey broke its own record for the third time in the past six months. Although this state is kind enough to release the revenue of all the state-regulated online casinos and poker sites, they don’t specify how much slot machines got them.

And if you thought that the above was an exorbitant amount, wait until you hear how much they earned in January 2019. Again, the sum increased to the staggering $33.59 million. This month proved how wise it was to legalize sports betting as they grossed $15.5 million only from it. Out of all the online casinos, Golden Nugget got $12.18 million. Resorts Digital Gaming took second place with a cool $6.44 million.

Experts believe that New Jersey is headed to gross about $600–700 million in 2019 if everything continues to go according to the plan. Frankly, they don’t attribute this amount to slots but to sports betting. By their own admission, they anticipate that the other states will follow suit.

Looking Towards the Future

If we were to infer from the above figures, then we could say that only good things await the online gambling industry in the USA. We’re sure that slots players will continue to increase the revenue by spinning the reels.

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